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Jessica Panella
Dept. of Chemistry Graduate Student

Tel: (410) 516-4557

McQueen Group Publications

92. J. Panella, B.A. Trump, G.G. Marcus, T.M. McQueen
Seeded Chemical Vapor Transport Growth of Cu2OSeO3
Cryst. Growth Des. 17, 4944-8 (2017) [Full PDF, arXiv:1706.02411]

91. T.T. Tran, J. Panella, J. Chamorro, J.R. Morey, T.M. McQueen
Designing Indirect-Direct Bandgap Transitions in Double Perovskites
Mater. Horiz. 4, 688-93 (2017) [Full PDF]
[Cs2AgInCl6.cif, Cs2AgSbCl6.cif]

73. J. Panella, J. Chamorro, T.M. McQueen
Synthesis and Structure of Three New Oxychalcogenides: A2O2Bi2Se3 (A = Sr, Ba) and Sr2O2Sb2Se3
Chem. Mater. 28, 890-5 (2016) [Full PDF]
[Sr2O2Bi2Se3.cif, Sr2O2Sb2Se3.cif, Ba2O2Bi2Se3.cif]