Discovering new phenomena through the design and synthesis of new materials
NaIrO3 and Sr3CaIr2O9
Two new Ir5+ oxides, non-magnetic due to strong spin-orbit coupling

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1st JHU Summer School on Materials Growth and Design on July 10-15, 2016

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72. B.A. Trump, J.A. Tutmaher, T.M. McQueen
Anion-Anion Bonding and Topology in Ternary Iridium Seleno-Stannides
Inorg. Chem. (2015)

71. W.A. Phelan, S.M. Koohpayeh, P. Cottingham, J.A. Tutmaher, J.C. Leiner, M.D. Lumsden, C.M. Lavelle, X.P. Wang, C. Hoffmann, M.A. Siegler, T.M. McQueen
On the Chemistry and Physical Properties of Flux and Floating Zone Grown SmB6 Single Crystals
arXiv:1510.07612 (2015) [arXiv:1510.07612]