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Direct-indirect band gaps in double perovskites
Indirect-Direct Band Gaps By Design

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97. M-E. Boulanger, F. Laliberté, S. Badoux, N. Doiron-Leyraud, W.A. Phelan, S.M. Koohpayeh, T.M. McQueen, X. Wang, Y. Nakajima, T. Metz, J. Paglione, L. Taillefer
Field-dependent heat transport in the Kondo insulator SmB6: phonons scattered by magnetic impurities
arXiv:1709.10456 (2017) [arXiv:1709.10456]

96. N.J. Laurita, C.M. Morris, S.M. Koohpayeh, W.A. Phelan, T.M. McQueen, N.P. Armitage
Impurities or a neutral Fermi surface? A further examination of the low-energy ac optical conductivity of SmB6
Physica B: Condensed Matter (2017) [Full PDF, arXiv:1709.0108]

95. D. Colabello, E. Sobalvarro, J.P. Sheckelton, J.C. Neuefeind, T.M. McQueen, P. Khalifah
Observation of vacancies, faults, and superstructures in Ln5Mo2O12 (Ln = La, Y, Lu) compounds with direct Mo-Mo bonding
Accepted Inorg. Chem. (2017)