Discovering new phenomena through the design and synthesis of new materials
Magnetic phase crossover in strongly correlated EuMn2P2
A Magnetic Phase Crossover

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171. T. Berry, V.C. Morano, T. Halloran, X. Zhang, T.J. Slade, A. Sapkota, S.L. Budko, W. Xie, D. Ryan, Z. Xu, Y. Zhao, J.W. Lynn, T. Fennell, P.C. Canfield, C.L. Broholm, T.M. McQueen
Formation of a simple cubic antiferromagnet through charge ordering in a double Dirac material
arXiv:2303.02218 (2023) [arXiv:2303.02218]

170. R. Xiao, S. Islam, W. Yanez, Y. Ou, N. Samarth, H. Liu, W. Xie, J.R. Chamorro, T.M. McQueen
Influence of magnetic and electric fields on universal conductance fluctuations in thin films of the Dirac semi-metal Cd3As2
arXiv:2302.11959 (2023) [arXiv:2302.11959]

169. C. Koppel, B. Wilfong, A. Iwanicki, E. Hedrick, T. Berry, T.M. McQueen
Machine-guided Design of Oxidation Resistant Superconductors for Quantum Information Applications
arXiv:2301.11543 (2023) [arXiv:2301.11543]

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