Discovering new phenomena through the design and synthesis of new materials
Tunable, exfoliatable, trimerized kagome magnets
Tunable, exfoliatable, trimerized kagome magnets

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130. J.R. Chamorro, T.M. McQueen, T.T. Tran
The Chemistry of Quantum Spin Liquids
arXiv:2006.10882 (2020) [arXiv:2006.10882]

129. T. Berry, L.A. Pressley, W.A. Phelan, T.T. Tran, T.M. McQueen
Laser Enhanced Single Crystal Growth of Non-Symmorphic Materials: Applications to an Eight-Fold Fermion Candidate
Chem. Mater. 13, 5827-34 (2020) [Full PDF]

128. H.K. Vivanco, B.A. Trump, C.M. Brown, T.M. McQueen
Competing Antiferromagnetic-Ferromagnetic States in d7 Kitaev Honeycomb Magnet
arXiv:2006.03724 (2020) [arXiv:2006.03724]

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