Discovering new phenomena through the design and synthesis of new materials
The field-free Josephson diode in a van der Waals heterostructure
A field-free supercurrent diode

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"The world's first nuclear meltdown occurred in Chalk River near Ottawa, Canada in 1952. The clean-up was done in part by future US president Jimmy Carter. Carter and many other volunteers had multiple 90-second radiation exposures, amounting to 1 year's worth of radiation each time!" - Chris Lygouras

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163. T. Berry, N. Ng, T.M. McQueen
Single Crystal Growth Tricks and Treats
arXiv:2209.09370 (2022) [arXiv:2209.09370]

162. T. Berry, N. Varnava, D. Ryan, V.J. Stewart, R. Rasta, I. Heinmaa, N. Kumar, W. Schnelle, R. Bhandia, C.M. Pasco, N.P. Armitage, R. Stern, C. Felser, D. Vanderbilt, T.M. McQueen
Magnetic phase crossover in strongly correlated EuMn2P2
arXiv:2209.0170 (2022) [arXiv:2209.0170]

161. S. Chae, L.A. Pressley, H. Paik, J. Gim, D. Werder, B.H. Goodge, L.F. Kourkoutis, R. Hovden, T.M. McQueen, E. Kioupakis, J.T. Heron
Germanium dioxide: A new rutile substrate for epitaxial film growth
J. Vac. Sci. Tech. A 40, 050401 (2022) [Full PDF]

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