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186. T.J. Whoriskey, G. Bassen, B. Wilfong, J.B. Johnson, D.C. Naiman, A. Turkiewicz, G.A. Pan, D.F. Segedin, E.A. Pogue, J.A. Mundy, T.M. McQueen
Amalgams as Hydrogen-Free Reducing Agents for Topotactic Oxide Deintercalation
Accepted Chem. Mater. (2024)

185. A. Iwanicki, B. Wilfong, E. Zoghlin, W. Bunstine, M.A. Siegler, T.M. McQueen
Hydroflux-Controlled Growth of Magnetic K-Cu-Te-O(H) Phases
arXiv:2403.18726 (2024) [arXiv:2403.18726]

184. S. Islam, E. Steinebronn, K. Yang, B. Neupane, J.R. Chamorro, S. Ghosh, K.A. Mikhoyan, T.M. McQueen, Y. Wang, C. Liu, N. Samarth
Rashba spin splitting-induced topological Hall effect in a Dirac semimetal-ferromagnetic semiconductor heterostructure
arXiv:2403.18485 (2024) [arXiv:2403.18485]

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