Discovering new phenomena through the design and synthesis of new materials
Tunable, exfoliatable, trimerized kagome magnets
Tunable, exfoliatable, trimerized kagome magnets

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120. B.R. Ortiz, L.C. Gomes, J.R. Morey, M.J. Winiarski, M. Bordelon, J.S. Mangum, I.W.H. Oswald, J.A. Rodriguez-Rivera, J.R. Neilson, S.D. Wilson, E. Ertekin, T.M. McQueen, E.S. Toberer
New kagome prototype materials: discovery of KV3Sb5, RbV3Sb5, and CsV3Sb5
Phys. Rev. Mater. 3, 094407 (2019) [Full PDF]

119. M.J. Winiarski, T.M. McQueen
Stabilization of the pyrochlore phase of Mn2Sb2O7 by double substitution
J. Sol. St. Chem. 278, 120898 (2019) [Full PDF]

118. Z.A. Kelly, T.T. Tran, T.M. McQueen
Nonpolar-to-polar trimerization transitions in the S=1 kagome magnet
Inorg. Chem. 58, 11941-8 (2019) [Invited Forum Article] [Full PDF]

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