In addition to the required one-day ethics course, AS.360.625, the following courses are frequently taken by graduate students who join the McQueen Laboratory:

AS.030.421Data Science Tools for the Chemical and Materials Sciences
AS.030.449Chemistry of Inorganic Compounds
AS.030.456Chemical Applications of Group Theory
AS.030.610Chemical Kinetics
AS.030.452Materials and Surface Characterization
AS.030.453Intermediate Quantum Mechanics
AS.030.403Optoelectronic Materials and Devices: Synthesis, Spectroscopy, and Applications
AS.171.405Condensed Matter Physics
AS.030.691Hardware, Software, and Materials Chemistry
AS.030.404Electrochemical Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage
EN.510.601Structure of Materials
EN.510.602Thermodynamics of Materials
EN.510.603Phase Transformations
EN.510.604Mechanical Properties
EN.510.605Electrical, Optical, Magnetic Properties
EN.520.627Photocoltaics and Energy Devices

Courses taught or previously taught by TMM: